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Lelung Rinpoche

Dear Mr Yusaku Maezawa,

My name is Lelung Rinpoche, and I am a Buddhist teacher currently living in London, regularly travelling to India, Mongolia, Japan, Taiwan, S. Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and other countries around the world to give Buddhist teachings, promote interfaith dialogue and spread the message of World Peace.

I write to you regarding your upcoming mission to the moon. I was greatly inspired to see that you will be going on such an amazing adventure and even more your wonderful motivation to share this unique journey with artists and for the expressed goal to promote World Peace.

I am extremely interested to be a part of this amazing mission and add a spiritual dimension to it.

As Buddhists, we believe that the time of the full moon is very special and greatly magnifies our spiritual practice, affecting the subtle channels and clarity in meditation.

I am particularly interested to explore how being so close to the Moon affects meditation. In Buddhism clarity is considered as being an essential quality to develop and discover. My theory is that by being in space and also closer to the Moon, it will possibly increase the capacity of the practice and to reach deeper states of meditation and higher levels of clarity.

I would also like to say some prayers for world peace and resonate this good will to the whole world and beyond, all through my meditation.

I have a vision for a World Peace project in development called Shide. This project has been given the blessing of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and we are developing the strategy before entering fundraising.

It is such a great opportunity to have this unique experience and then tell the world how it is from a spiritual perspective.

I would be very interested to meet and discuss the possibility further.

Kind Regards,

H.E. Lelung Rinpoche XI

Associate of the Tibetan & Himalayan Studies Centre at Wolfson College, Oxford University

Email: lelungttib@hotmail.com

Phone: +44(0)7889226506

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