The World Peace Centre will provide a space and methods for people from different groups, backgrounds and belief systems to come together to discuss and resolve any issues and conflicts.

We welcome people from all nations, all backgrounds and all faiths. The centre’s activities will be based on and guided by the great wisdom of the Buddha himself, but we are not trying to convert anyone to Buddhism as we see all the major religions as equally important.

Our intention is to teach and apply the ancient Buddhist morality, ethics and philosophy in order to solve modern problems that exists between people and within people’s own minds.

The World Peace Centre activities will be tailored to be universal and appeal to all people whether they are religious or not, in ways that can be engaged with in parallel to people’s existing beliefs and practices.

We will create a space designed specifically for this purpose for many generations to come, so people can truly find peace within themselves and with their fellow human beings.

Working with the best specialists, designers and architects, we will create space for personal reflection and contemplation, as well as a platform for talks, meetings, facilitated sessions for groups, that will lead people to transformation, understanding and peaceful resolutions.

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